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I think NFTs might fix these issues. NFTs publicly prove provenance. You can ask an AI to generate something only using human-generated materials - or whatever your needs may be.

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I like your exploration.

I have been musing recently on the ubiquitous part that 'story' plays in our lives, particularly how hard it is to avoid basing beliefs, decisions and actions on information for which we can never vouch fully the accuracy.

A documentary on the history of Russia (post Kievan Rus) really brought this home to me, though I was already hyper aware of it (especially given the events of the last 3+ years).

It lead me to ponder where I put undue weight on what I read and hear (even though I think I am evaluating the information as objectively as I can) and what my life my be like if I was more circumspect about everything I am told. I think I am already part way there, but what you write about felt sense and intuition add an interesting twist.

I can see some significant benefits and some potential downsides, but even if it were a utopian solution, the path there could, I believe, be very choppy.

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or sources of information had to earn our trust...

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