a poem (after Allen Ginsburg)

Moloch!  The disembodied mind - Empty handed; Conjuring Visions; Offering; Meaning without Sensation; Life without risk

Moloch! The vast machine - Dopamine farming; Algorithms gripping; Eyes to the screen; Mining attention; Discarding bodies useless; As husks and tailings

Moloch! The sales funnel - Purveyor of short-cuts; & magic bullets; Upselling; Rebranding; Drop Shipping; Through a million landing pages

Moloch! The signaller - Connection without meeting; Clawing, avoidant eyes; Controlled by after-thoughts; Afraid of consequences; Residual shame

Moloch! The rapist - Vengeful to woman; College fees earned; Shackled to webcams; Insatiable hunger for images of flesh; Sex without feeling

Moloch! The rational - Guided by science; Using the measurable; To drive out the unmeasurable; Laughing derisively; Demanding endlessly; Evidence, evidence

Moloch! The Parent - Generations of unloving fathers; Overworked mothers; Starving kids of appreciation; Pushing sociopathy; Show me you can do it; Be self-reliant; Trust no one; But yourself

Moloch! Vicarious

Moloch! Victorious

Moloch! I gave up my life; To raise you to Heaven; The blind conquering urge; Of barren masculinity

Moloch! Moloch! Forever Moloch! Until there is no one left to see you

Moloch! The Challenger - Living in shadows; The blind force; Each soul must conquer

Devaraj 2020    

Acknowledgements: Allen Ginsburg; Eliphas Levi